Comforts for Baby

I received the opportunity to try out some products from Bzzagent. I received my Bzzkit which included two sippy cups, a box of wipes and a coupon which I received 56 pullups from Comforts for baby.

My daughter really likes the sippy cups.. She almost always asks for the new sippy cups when I grab her some water or milk. We have had a few problems with the lid of one of the cups, but the other one seems to work fine. They work great and my daughter loves them.

The wipes were unscented, which is nice for babies with sensitive skin. They could have been more damp.. It was hard to wipe sometimes because they were slightly too dry.

I really liked the pullups. I love how they have tabs on the sides so you can take them off easily without any mess. They have cute designs and are actually pretty soft.

The best part about all of these? They work great and they are CHEAP! I actually picked up one of their formulas after doing this campaign because it was only $14!!!

::::: I received these products on behalf of Bzzagent in return for my review as a Bzzagent.
     – 2 sippy cups
     – 1 box of wipes
     – 56 pullups

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