Great product sample sites!

These sites are only ones that I am a member of.. There are plenty more out there. I just don’t feel comfortable recommending them when I don’t know if they are an honest and true website.

Apply to become a Glamour Glamspotter HERE. As a Glamour Glamspotter, you’ll have regular opportunities to share your expert opinion on beauty and fashion. With every survey you take you’ll have a chance to win prizes, gift cards and more! This site is completely FREE.

Apply to become a BzzAgent HERE. This is an awesome product testing and review site. They send you FREE items to test and review on their site. I am a member of this site and have been given the opportunity to try things such as cookies, frozen dinners, makeup, diapers, sippy cups, Pepsi products, Sobe products, Scholl’s insoles, childrens Claritin and even a Phillips SatinPerfect Epilator worth $120 for FREE!

Apply to become a Smiley360 member HERE. This is a site similar to BzzAgent. They also send you full size items to test and review. They have a points system that rewards the members that are the most involved just like BzzAgent. I have tested Childrens Advil through them and received a full size sample to test and review.

Apply to become a SheSpeaks member HERE and possibly get picked for a sampling program. I have sampled Ghirardelli chocolates and lotion through them. They are fewer and far between, but it’s worth it if you like getting free full size products to test and keep.

Apply to become an Influenster member HERE and get themed VoxBoxes to test and keep. They come with full size products. I haven’t actually received a VoxBox yet, but I was approved for the Mom VoxBox and I’m just waiting for it to ship!

None of the programs above cost any money. They are all FREE.

For $10/month, you can become a member of Birchbox HERE and get 5-6 DELUXE sample size beauty products a month. This last month, I got two full size products in my Birchbox! I am very pleased with my subscription. It’s like getting a Christmas present every month. For each sample you review on their site, you get 10 points! 10 points equals $1 in their shop. You have six samples in your box, so that’s 60 points every month, plus the additional 10 points you get for just ordering your box. That’s 70 points a month. This means that every other month, you could get a free box for the month. (There is a waiting list right now.. But I put myself on the waiting list and a month later, I received an invitation. Definitely worth the wait.)
For $12/month, you can become a member of Beauty Army HERE and get 6 beauty samples that YOU choose each month. You fill out a beauty profile and they show you 9 samples that you could get and you pick 6 that you want. It’s that easy. If you don’t like the samples they are showing you, you can always redo your beauty profile as many times as you want until you get something you want and if you don’t want anything that month, you can simply skip a month! (I believe this one has a waiting list too, but I’m not sure)
For $10/month, you can become a member of Cravebox HERE and get random samples including beauty, grooming, household and office samples. I haven’t received my first box yet, but it’s shipping by UPS right now! I recently tracked it and it was in Missouri. I heard what people got in a recent box and it was pretty cool. They received a travel size of Downy Wrinkle Release which is pretty awesome, 6 full size Bic Markers and so much more.
For $10/month, you can become a member of The Look Bag HERE and get a makeup bag with 5-6 deluxe samples each month. I haven’t actually received this bag yet, but I have read reviews on it and it seems like something I’m really going to like!
For $15/month, you can become a member of Sample Society HERE which is partnered with Allure. When you order your first box, you get a FREE 1 year subscription to Allure magazine and a monthly box with deluxe samples. If you end up signing up for this program, please use the code: JESS446988. Each time someone uses my code to sign up for the program, they will donate $30 to a good cause!
ALL of these sites have FREE shipping, so the price you see is all you will pay.


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