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Apparently there is a free with shipping nursing cover and baby sling offer going on right now. I have heard of several people getting these and having the codes work for them, so I will post it here, although I have not actually used this offer myself. (FWS = free with shipping)

 —– FWS BABY SLING. Seven Everyday Slings. Just choose your size, color, enter the code “mother” at checkout and pay shipping to get this HERE. I did go to the site and enter the code to see what it said and it does still seem to work. The shipping is $15.40 so it seems like a deal as the product is orginally $40. Also when I applied the code, a little window popped up that said they have sets there that include the nursing cover, leg warmers and a bracelet for $75 and with this code applied, you can get that for $5 plus the shipping which would total to about $20.

—– FWS NURSING COVER. Udder Covers. Go HERE and choose the color you’d like to receive. Apply the code “easter” at checkout and get this for $11.90. Originally $40. I feel like you could just use a blanket for this kind of thing, but if you would rather have a cover, this might be the way to go.

NOW.. for the random FWS offers.

—– Here are some great items that are FREE for father’s day or any occasion from Ink Garden and Vistaprint, you just have to pay shipping. The shipping rates vary but the items will still be very cheap.

Ink Garden:

Use the coupon code FREEDAD to get the items for FREE.

-250 Free Business cards
-Free Mouse Pad
-One Free T-Shirt
-Free Mug
-Free Photo Flip Book
-Free Notebook with Photos
—– HERE is the VIOLENT LIPS freebie that I received. It seems that the shipping price has gone up a few cents but it’s still a GREAT deal as these retail for $14.95. Grand total = $2.95. Also at this site, they have a deal for a crown jewel ring that ships for $5 as well as fake lashes that also ship for $5.
—– When you sign up for Vitacost, you get a FREE $10 credit. I did this yesterday and got a bottle of nail strengthing polish and a bottle of vitamins for free! I just paid shipping and my products are on the way. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99. HERE is a link to all of the products on their site that qualify for FREE shipping. These products are usually $11-12, but that only leaves a $1-2 shipping fee rather than $4.99.
—– HERE is a site that has a continuous rotation of free jewelry where you only pay shipping. Shipping is generally around $4-$5 so these are pretty great deals.

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