Just Pay Shipping Samples

I frequently go online to find samples of products and deals on various websites and the newest thing I have discovered is free FULL size samples where you only have to pay shipping. Yesterday, I received two products in the mail that I paid a total of $2 for and the price of the products are significantly more than that!

The first one is a package of Violent Lips. They are temporary tattoos for your lips. I’m not sure when I will ever use these or how well they work, but the idea is still kind of cool. Here’s a picture of what I received. It included three lip tattoos along with a little notecard with a few of the other designs you can get. I looked online at their website and there are SO many other designs. These retail for $14.95 for the three pack that I received. They are a sparkly red color.

The next thing I received were these Nail Foils. I’m honestly not sure what the brand is, but it says professional nail care. I got these in a pink polish with little silver hearts. Apparently, you just stick these to your nails and file them to be the right size. Seems reasonably easy except I don’t know how well I will apply it to my right hand since I am not left handed! 🙂 I’m not sure how much these retail for.

I’m working on getting a list together of good just pay shipping freebies. There are actually quite a few out there!

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