ePantry is offering my readers a great deal!

Get a free Mrs. Meyers hand soap + $10 free with this link! ePantry will give you free shipping as well, so you could get $10 worth of free items! You do have to have a shipment worth at least $20 to take advantage of this offer. This offer expires September 15, 2015 so you only have until tomorrow to use this.

ePantry offers natural products at a discounted price shipped straight to your door.

Convenience delivered to your door – products when you need them, with the ease of being able to schedule and save in advance.

Cost saving – avoiding the Target run that always ends up costing $100+

Performance – why eco products go above and beyond their toxin counterparts.

Health – why having a toxin free home is great for your family.

Fun facts & tips – how to use your free and/or favorite products.

How ePantry gives back – we save 25sq feet of rainforest for every shipment sent

ePantry was generous enough to give me a coupon code worth $20 to try out their program.

Watch out for my review in a couple days! I got five items for only $22.92! But with my coupon code, it only cost me $2.92. I also have a fantastic offer for my readers. Take advantage of it while you can!

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