Iphone Charging Cord Review – 10 feet long

I wasn’t sure what I would do with a 10 ft cord because that’s a long cord! However, I have been noticing that with my regular cord, I have to lay on my side to look at my phone while I’m laying in bed. I can’t give my daughter in the backseat my phone if it’s charging in the front seat of the car. I can’t watch TV while my phone is plugged in because the regular cord is too short. I can’t cook and bring my charging phone with me as I walk around the kitchen with a recipe, because my regular cord is too short.

NOW, with this 10 foot long charging cord from Reach Cables, I can do all of that and more! I no longer have to lay on my side if I don’t want to. I can carry my phone with me around the room or kitchen when it’s charging and I can hand my daughter my phone no matter if it’s charging in the front seat or not. I never knew I needed a 10 foot cord, and now I won’t go back to the regular cord unless I absolutely have to! The only downside to this cord that I have found so far is that it doesn’t charge my phone as fast if I am consistently using it while it’s charging. However, if I let it be and just charge it without touching it, it charges just as fast as my normal cord. The pros far outweigh the cons!

If you want to buy the cord I received, it’s located HERE. It’s only $12.77!

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in return for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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