Feeling proud of myself!

Lately, I’ve been entering into the world of couponing. Having a baby can be spendy, and moving from feeding a family of three to a family of four seems daunting! I’ve even been practicing my couponing skills with items such as makeup, because who doesn’t need makeup?! With this trip, I went a little overboard as I don’t need that much mascara or eyeliner but I can always give some away or donate it to someone who needs it! 

In the paper this weekend, there was a buy one Revlon eyeliner, get a Revlon mascara for FREE

Now that’s a great deal! Also, at my local Walgreens, they were having a buy one Revlon product, get one 50% off sale. Combined, this seemed like a great time to use my B1G1 coupon. 
Are you ready to see what I got using my coupons? 

After using my coupons, it cost me $30.01 to get 9 Revlon eyeliners and 9 Revlon mascaras! 

Earlier this month, I saved 51% off of my grocery bill at Safeway using coupons. I’m definitely not up with those extreme couponers you see on TV, but I’m definitely saving more than I used to. 
For those of you wondering where I got so many of the same coupons.. I ask my family and friends if I can have their weekly coupon inserts if they don’t use them! They almost always have inserts for me week after week! 
I also just got a great deal at Walmart this week that I’ll share later today! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday! 

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