Freezer Meals

In preparing for the birth of my second child, I have become addicted to freezer meals! Not only are they easy, but they sure do come in handy on those days when I don’t want to prepare or cook anything. They will definitely come in handy in the days after my csection when I am sore and tired! Yesterday, I spent my entire day off prepping, bagging and labeling 15 chicken based freezer meals. My husband and I got a great deal at the butcher on a 40 lb case of chicken! They gave us a deal of 2.19 a pound so we ended up getting 40 lbs for only $87.60. All together, it cost about $200 to prepare for these and I still have 15 non chicken meals to make on my next day off! Not bad for a month of full dinners. 

Yesterday, I made 3 Port BBQ chickens, 3 teriyaki chickens, 3 cashew chicken stir frys, 3 chicken and broccoli cheddar bakes and 3 trays of chicken enchiladas in a white sauce. I will post recipes and bagging instructions when I get home this afternoon! 

I also made 16 bags of pre-measured smoothies! I can pop one in the food processor with a cup of water and it makes a perfectly blended delicious smoothie in seconds. 

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