New found love for Subscription Boxes (Nerd Block, Loot Crate, Ipsy, Legion of Collectors, Geek Fuel)

*This post contains affiliate links, but all boxes were bought by Blogging Mama

My family and I have become obsessed with subscription boxes! I have been getting Ipsy for ages! When I discovered makeup subscription boxes, I fell in love. Not only do I get to try the newest brands and styles, but I get a surprise package in the mail every month. In the beginning I was getting about 4-5 different beauty subscription boxes. But then I realized, if there’s this many beauty boxes, there’s got to be other kinds of boxes. That’s when my research started and I discovered an entire world of subscription boxes. 
There are subscription boxes for everyone! There are boxes for babies, parents, men, women, children, people who love wine, people who call themselves nerds, people who like video games, or who like exercising and eating healthy. I can’t even name them all because there are so many. 

I decided to cancel all but one of my beauty boxes, and re-invest in boxes for my family members. My daughter decided to get the Nerd Block Jr. for Girls (video review coming soon – she did it herself!) and has had a blast opening her box each month. My husband decided to get Geek Fuel, and was pleasantly surprised with what he got in his box (again, review coming soon!). I randomly decided to get him one more subscription box because the theme was right up his alley. The Legion of Collectors June theme was Suicide Squad and my husband has watched every single trailer and talks about it all the time. He has even made me marathon watch almost every DC movie so that I can catch up and not ask a ton of questions while he’s watching his beloved Suicide Squad. He literally squealed with delight when he opened his subscription box (I unfortunately didn’t catch this on video, but his review is coming soon as well). 

Ultimately, I canceled Legion of Collectors, because the next box is Women of DC and my husband didn’t seem too interested in that box. Geek Fuel is still in the running for now. My daughter LOVES Nerd Block Jr, but discovered a new box that she may love even more! A review will be coming of that mystery box, as well. (Lots of reviews coming!) I think it’s time to cancel my favorite beauty box and find another subscription box for myself!

The newest subscription box that my husband was thinking of getting is Loot Crate. It’s for gamers or nerds or whichever you prefer to call yourself. There’s also crates for pets, and anime lovers as well as a few other options. July’s theme is Futuristic and I have a coupon code just for you! 

 I also have 3 FREE Ipsy bag codes to give away. Post with your email if you’d like to receive one! It is only valid with first time subscribers, but if you’d like to only receive one, simply redeem and then cancel.

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