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Planner Surprise Grab Bag Review

 cre8tivjuice Etsy Shop

Disclaimer: I received this grab bag free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Image 1Since I have been so dedicated to using my planners more often and working on making it a fun thing to do, I decided to ask a couple shops on Etsy if I could review their planner products on my blog. I was lucky enough to receive a response from Julie, the owner of cre8tivjuice, an Etsy shop. You can view her shop HERE. She sent me a grab bag packed full of planner accessories. It came with five super fun paperclips, some cute papers and stickers, a roll of washi tape and a laminated motivational card. The laminated card reads “It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela”

I think that a planner accessory grab bag is a neat concept! For those of you that know me, you know that I LOVE mystery boxes and mystery bags. I am subscribed to several monthly boxes, and so are my husband and daughter. We love getting things each month and discovering treasures that we never knew we wanted. Opening this grab bag gave me the same joy as opening subscription boxes. A few of the things that were included in the grab bag weren’t quite my style, but I still found uses for them. One of the paperclips had a children’s character on it and while it was very cute (as seen in pictures), I personally don’t have a use for it. However, my very excited 8 year old daughter has been using it as a bookmark for her new chapter book. She loves it. She wanted me to add that seeing her new bookmark makes her smile when she goes to read her book!

One other thing that I didn’t quite know how to implement into my planner were the cute little papers. They had cool designs on them like clouds, hearts, a deer and glittery images. I have been using one as a page marker in my planner, but the others are just sitting in my planner pocket, waiting for an idea to pop into my head. The motivational card was a very cool idea. I have placed it in the front of my clear planner pocket, so every time I reach for a pen, I see the quote and am reminded that I can do anything I put my mind to.

I’ve saved the best two items for last. I am in love with the fact that I got a roll of washi tape. My collection of washi tape is very small. I have maybe four rolls to my name. I just discovered it existed like two months ago and have become obsessed with it! It adds a great pop of color and fun to my planner. Not to mention you can use it on other crafts! I recently went to the MyPrintly Suite 2016 event and they were using washi tape to design frames for any pictures we wanted to take home. So getting a roll of tape in my grab bag was one of the best surprises. The next item that I was really excited about was the tiny little blue bag full of stickers. The other thing that I love most in life are stickers! I have so many stickers already, but I love adding to my collection. Julie added some very cute stickers to the bag, such as a cupcake, a popsicle, some fruit, a rainbow, cute little dots and stars, and a Disney sticker that I ultimately gave to my daughter as well. I can’t resist sharing things with her! My favorite stickers were the little sparkly dots and stars, as well as the cupcake!

Overall, I think her grab bag is a great deal! She sells these at her Etsy shop for only $8. It says on her site that you also have a chance of receiving a pair of her Swarovski crystal earring studs when you buy a grab bag. It could be you that receives that! If you want to check out her shop, click on this LINK. If you want to check out her grab bags, click on this LINK.

Disclaimer: I received this grab bag free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.




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