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Disclaimer: Plum Paper sent me a free planner to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

I love planners and I love organization, although I’m not very good at it in some aspects. If I didn’t have a planner for my daily life, I would forget so many things. My life would be in disarray and I would never get things done. For a long time, I have been frazzled trying to remember things for this blog and it never occurred to me that maybe I should have a planner specifically for my blog. I had heard of a few different planners that would be great for blog planning, but wasn’t sure which route to go. I contacted Plum Paper who was gracious enough to send me a planner to review.

Their planners come in a variety of sizes and you can customize it to include pretty much anything you need for a very affordable price ($31-$45). They have family planners, fitness planners, teacher planners, student planners, etc. They also have add-ons such as budget, meal planning, fitness, baby planning, blog planning and so much more. They also have planner stickers, address books, and a ton of other items that are worth checking out.

They allow you to customize the cover of your planner to say whatever you want, so of course I put the title of my blog, Blogging Mama, on the cover. I picked a cute and bright floral design. Bright colors always make me smile. I picked the weekly vertical design, and I also picked some additional add-ons. I got notes and to-do lists at the end of each month, budget pages, blog planning pages and sticker pages. The package comes in a brown cardboard box with the Plum Paper logo on it and the planner is wrapped in bubble wrap with some information cards tucked inside.


This is going to sound funny because I’ve never thought about the texture of the pages before, but the first thing I noticed when I opened my new planner was how soft the pages were! They felt silky smooth and I couldn’t stop running my hand over the pages. I have never felt paper so smooth. Plum Paper had me hooked on the planner already, so I was hoping the rest of the planner was just as nice.



The weekly vertical design on planners has always been my favorite. I have a fitness planner and it works perfectly for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have never had a blog planner before so I just got the vertical style because that’s what I’m used to.

I love the bright colors in the planner. The divider tabs are all brightly colored, as well as the headers for each day.


I added in a budget section because the costs to keep my blog running and my office supplied is an important thing to document. Both the budget and blog sections are located in the back of the plum planner. The budget section comes with a page for bank account information. For me, this is not a page I would use. I frequently take my planners out of the house, leave them in my car and take them to work with me. I have even on occasion forgotten my planner in public places and had to start all over. I wouldn’t feel comfortable writing down my account number and routing number on these pages because of that. For someone that doesn’t take their planner out of their home, this might be a good option for them.

For each month of the year, there’s a monthly assessment and monthly budget. It shows a starting and ending balance for checking and savings and helps you determine if you’re gaining or losing money. Near the end of the budget section, there are pages for monthly expenses and a list where you can keep track of all the bills you may have. The last page is a debt tracker.


I added a blog section into my planner since I am mainly using the planner for blog planning. There’s a monthly overview for each month where you write down blog ideas, post schedules, inspirational sites and to do lists. There is a page for income and expenses, which can be helpful for compensated posts. There are pages for post ideas, monthly blog tasks and monthly blog stats. This has been very helpful in tracking how I am doing month to month. It also gives me an idea of what I could be doing better and what kind of posts my readers are most interested in. There are to do lists, spaces for advertising and sponsor information, pages for giveaways and sponsors, and an annual blog planner. All of these pages have proven useful to me in the past couple of weeks.


In the end of the planner, I added stickers. I love planner stickers. They keep my pages bright and fun and I can add whatever header I want to make it my own. There are also pages for contacts, passwords, and a few sheets of graph paper, as well as a list showing the US Holiday dates for the next three years. In the very back of the planner, there is a folder to keep important papers or cards.

Overall, this planner has become my favorite out of all the planners I have tried. I can’t wait until next year when I have to buy a new planner so that I can try some of the other add ons they have. The budget and blog add ons have been so useful to me and I use them every day. I also still can’t get over how soft the pages are!

I’ve attached a picture of my weekly spread this week. I have used a different sticker set than the stickers that come with the planner because I have a few sets on hand that I need to use up. These stickers were given to me by The Sweet Paper Co. shop on Etsy.


If you want to buy a Plum Paper planner for yourself, head on over to their site and have a look around! They have so many different choices and layouts. If you’re looking for a planner that is versatile and can be used for almost anything that you would need a planner for, this one is for you.

Disclaimer: Plum Paper sent me a free planner to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I keep thinking about these planners as I love to be super organised but never really looked into them. Thanks for your review as it has made me actually feel it maybe worthwhile to get one.

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