The Importance of Iron Once Baby Starts Eating Solids



Did you know that 1 out of 9 babies don’t get enough Iron in their diet? I definitely didn’t! It got me thinking that I probably need to add more vitamins and nutrients into my daughter’s diet. My daughter, Riley, just started eating solid foods about a month ago, and finding ways to add more vitamins into her diet has been a challenge. Sure there’s jarred baby food and I can always mash up my own homemade baby food, but I’ve been trying to find other options as well. Thankfully, I found out that Gerber makes an iron fortified baby cereal that Riley can eat by itself or it can be added into her baby food for an extra boost of nutrients.

Not only does Gerber cereal add iron to your baby’s diet, but it also adds a blend of other vitamins, such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Calcium.. All the nutrients that your baby needs to have healthy development and growth. According to Gerber’s website, it’s best to start baby’s out on their single grain baby cereal because it’s made with gentle ingredients and is smoother than the other baby cereals they offer. Gerber also has Organic baby infant cereal to encourage healthier eating and DHA and probiotic infant cereals that aid in brain and eye development and supports a healthy immune system.

If you’re wondering why iron is so important to have in your baby’s diet, I’m about to tell you! In the first year of a child’s life, his/her brain doubles in size and they triple their birth weight! That’s a lot of growing in one year. Iron supplies from birth run out around the middle of the first year and therefore, iron is needed in their diet. To meet their daily needs, Gerber’s iron fortified baby cereal can be added to their diet. If your baby doesn’t get enough iron, it can lead to a host of problems, such as slow physical growth, delayed motor skills, digestive problems and more. It’s definitely worth it in the long run to keep your baby’s iron levels where they need to be.

img_5057My daughter has started to spit out just about every spoonful of plain baby food I give her. She just lets it run down her chin and gives me a goofy grin as if she’s telling me she’s not switching to solids yet! However, when I mix in the Gerber iron fortified cereal, she swallows it with ease and actually opens her mouth for more! I think I’ve found the solution I’ve been looking for. It’s also easy to mix the infant cereal into breast milk or formula so that your baby gets used to it while tasting a familiar taste. I really like to put the mixture in baby food pouches, so I can take it on the go. They make little spoons that screw onto the food pouch, so younger babies can still eat out of the food pouch.


I got my Gerber cereal at Target right in the baby section! It’s located on the top shelf in the baby food aisle. Right now they have a 10% off cartwheel that you can use on any Gerber baby cereal variety. It’s valid through 11/26.


If you have a baby that is ready to start on solids, then they most likely need more iron in their diet as well! Try Gerber Iron Fortified baby cereal and get your baby the iron it needs.


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