Customized Home Living – 76th & Newbury Review

My husband and I have always loved to travel. Seeing new places and experiencing unique adventures are one of our favorite hobbies to enjoy together. We love to document our travels with pictures and memories, but never knew that there was something else we could have been using this whole time. We never really knew the possibilities out there until now.

76th & Newbury is a design firm that creates custom art work for homes, nurseries, weddings and more. Their website is filled with numerous works of art that can be customized completely to your liking with the help of one of their design guru’s. The art that you choose can be customized with colors and fonts to be made into a unique piece that you feel like you helped create.

Their website is super easy to navigate through. I had no troubles at all looking to find what I was interested in. I was instantly drawn to a large map of the United States. How awesome would it be to have this huge map on my wall for everyone to see our nationwide travels?

The design process was simple. I just told them what colors I wanted the map to be, what my family name was and what quote I wanted on the bottom of it. It seemed like every part of the map was able to be customized to my liking. They even send you a proof of your map before it’s sent to your house, to make sure you absolutely love it. The first map design I sent was for a gray background, with blue writing and a green compass. I was trying to go for a Seattle Seahawks feel, but the proof they sent me wasn’t exactly what I was going for. My husband is a huge Seahawks fan, so I try to incorporate their colors in our home arrangement.

After getting the proof and realizing that it wasn’t for me, I asked them if we could try a dark blue background with green for the letters and compass. They changed it immediately and sent a new proof just a couple days later.

Exactly what I was picturing in my mind.

I immediately fell in love with this proof and told them it was perfect. They shipped it out to me and it arrived days later, packed with care in a giant box. For size reference, here’s my husband holding up our brand new map before we hung it on our wall. Don’t mind the boxes in the background. We are still unpacking! Also, my husband thinks he’s hilarious making faces through the plastic. 🙂

I am so pleased with how this map arrived. It looks exactly like the proof and even better in person. Once I hung it up on our wall, it made the whole room light up.

I’m not sure yet how we will show our travels on the map. On the 76th and Newbury website, it appears they also sell little pins that you can mark your travels with, so that may be something we get in the future.

If you’re ever in the market for an awesome piece of artwork that you can customize and make your own, head on over to 76th and Newbury to see their huge selection. They have something for everyone!

Disclaimer: 76th and Newbury sent me a complimentary travel map to facilitate this review. However, all opinions and comments are my own.

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