Lavender Lotion Bars – What Not To Do!

I’ve been in a healthy phase lately, which means I’ve been trying to eat healthier, drink more water and use more natural products. My mother in law, Tamme, has been making these awesome homemade products and selling them in her Etsy store, Glowing Secret. She has inspired me to start making my own healthy products for myself and my family. 

After making my own lavender lotion bars, I instantly realized it would have just been easier to buy them from her myself! But that would have taken out all the fun, wouldn’t it? For a little comedic relief, I thought I would share my process with you! 

I found a recipe online that told me to use one part coconut oil, one part beeswax and one part Shea butter. I couldn’t find the grater, so I spent about 40 minutes slicing off shavings for one cup of beeswax! That was some seriously hard work. Let me tell you, I will go for beeswax pellets next time when I try this again. I then got my one cup of coconut oil and one cup of Shea butter, and plopped them all into a double boiler. It took about 20 minutes for it all to melt, because you have to keep it at a super low level of heat. While I was doing this, Tamme texted me and told me to melt the beeswax first…

And then add the coconut oil…

And then the Shea butter…

It was a bit too late for that. 

I melted all of the ingredients down and took them off the double boiler, waited a few minutes and then added the lavender essential oil. Tamme then texted me that I needed to make sure that my melted ingredients were below 140 degrees before I added the essential oil.

Again, it was too late for that. 

So then I thought, wouldn’t this be cute if it was purple? So I added a tiny bit of the purple pigment powder that she had given us awhile back and realized it wasn’t melting like all of my other ingredients. Tamme then told me I didn’t need to color the lotion bars, but you guessed it, it was too late for that! 

I pulled out my molds, which are huge bath bomb gift boxes, little hearts and dinosaurs and tried to decide which I should use. I finally decided that hearts and bath bombs were the way to go. I poured my creation into the molds and let the waiting game begin.

After two hours, they still weren’t completely hardened. They pretty much melted in my hand, and had pretty serious finger marks in them from me trying to get them out of the mold. Not to mention, the hideous purple blobs in the top of each one!

My first attempt did not go as planned. I’ll update you guys again when I try for the second time! 

If you want to check out Tamme’s shop, Glowing Secret, click HERE! She has some awesome skin care products and has the great reviews to prove it.