Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle Review + Giveaway! ($145 Value)

Disclaimer: Bellefit sent me a complimentary Dual-Closure Girdle to facilitate this review. However, all opinions and comments are my own.


After the birth of my first child, who was born via emergency c-section, I had a very difficult time losing the weight I had put on. I was dieting and exercising, but couldn’t start for some time because my tummy was so sore. When I became pregnant for the second time and was getting closer to a second planned c-section, I was very nervous. Not only for another major surgery, but also because I remember it being so hard to get back into shape. When I voiced my concerns to my OBGYN, he mentioned the Bellefit girdle. He said it may help with my postpartum recovery. I had never heard of a Bellefit girdle, so I started my research. Upon contacting Bellefit, they graciously sent me a complimentary Bellefit Dual-Closure girdle to aid in my recovery.

They were very helpful in the sizing process and even sent me extenders, which I couldn’t have lived without! I have a longer torso than most, and they helped make the girdle longer so that it covered more of my torso. I was ready to conquer my c-section and hopefully make recovery faster and easier.

The instructions in the Bellefit say that you can start to wear the Bellefit the day you are discharged from the hospital, but my abdomen was just too swollen to fit anything on. Once I was home, a week after delivery, I tried on my Bellefit. It didn’t fit quite right and hurt at first. I discovered that I needed an XL instead of a L, which was promptly sent to me (thank goodness). It seems the sizes run a little smaller than you would expect, especially with the swelling from a c-section. This picture shows how it’s NOT supposed to fit! Ouch!


Once I got the right size, wearing it was a lot easier. In the beginning weeks, my husband had to help me get it on when I wore it, but soon the weight was falling off and I was able to fasten it myself. The first couple of days, I only wore it for about 6-8 hours because wearing it longer than that caused quite a bit of discomfort. By the second week, I was able to wear it all day and it definitely made it feel like my insides were held in tight. The support and relief it brought me day after day was amazing. I wore it to bed only a handful of times, but I get really uncomfortable at night if I have anything more than a tank top and shorts on, so sleeping in it just wasn’t for me.

Wearing the Bellefit made me feel more confident as well as it was helping me mold back into my pre-pregnancy shape. It gave me a slimmer appearance as it smoothed out my stomach under my clothes. Having the Bellefit changed the way I will recover in the future when I have more kids. I will never go without a postpartum Bellefit again and will definitely be recommending this girdle to anyone that is thinking about having a postpartum belt or girdle.

Below I have added some pictures of my experience with Bellefit. The first picture is when I was 9 months pregnant, about to have my precious baby girl. The second picture is two weeks after having my second c-section. The third picture is four months postpartum and proof that Bellefit really does work. And don’t worry, the third picture is still me! I forgot about my birthmark and took the picture the opposite way and flipped it so it would go with the others! I am now seven months postpartum, so taking a picture now wouldn’t show how I looked at four months postpartum!

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Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle Giveaway ($145 Value)