Adorable Themed Llama Easter Basket for Kids

Llama Easter Basket

With Easter only 12 days away why not give them something they are passionate about like Llamas. Last year, everywhere you looked was unicorns. This year everywhere I look I’m seeing Llamas. Llamas are sweet animals, but won’t hesitate to spit at you. Have you ever been spit on by a Llama? It isn’t a pretty site. Regardless of that, if you have a child who is part of the new Llama craze why not create your own Llama Easter Basket for your child with these llama themed ideas?

Llama themed Easter Gift Ideas

After all, why give a typical Easter gift when you can give a Llama Of Love?

Llama Easter Basket
To create your unique Llama Easter Basket you can use a traditional Easter basket or you can pick up an Andrews and Blaine Llama Easter Basket from Indigo.

Once you select your Easter basket style, you can then fill it with some Llama theme treats.

A tradition in our house is to add a stuffed animal to our Easter basket. The Auora World Flopsie plush Llama stuffed animal is just so cute. You can choose between a 12 inch or 27 inches.

Jakks Pacific brings collectible llamas to your Easter basket with blind box figures. Each Who’s your llama toy has its own unique personality as shown by the outfit it wears. There are 12 Llamas in serious one to collect.


From Hasbro comes Fortnite Llama Nerf MicroShots Dart-Firing Toy Blaster. The Llama blaster is inspired by the iconic purple pinata loot box used in the popular Fortnite video game. The blaster comes with two Official Nerf Elite darts and fires one dart at a time.

Welcome Spring with a festive Easter Llama Coloring Book! It is the perfect Easter basket filler for that special llama lover.

Peter Pauper Press will have you hugging a Llama. This adorable plush comes complete with a softcover guidebook which features llama facts and fancies, as well as an adoption certificate, suggested names, and other places to fill in the little details that make your llama unique.

Easter baskets are always fun when you add something that your child can wear. The Llama Queen shirt from Carters is the perfect attire for your little drama LlamaLlama queen.

What Easter basket would be complete without chocolate? These fun Llama mini candy bar wrappers include 40 candy stickers, perfect for styling Hershey’s mini chocolate bars.

With all the llamas merchandise in stores, you shouldn’t have any problem filling your Easter basket.

I can’t wait to see what you add into your in your Llama Themed Easter Basket. Let me know in the comments if you have any Llama gift ideas or if you will be doing an Easter themed basket?

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