Jungle Cat World Park review- Behind the scenes

In July, my husband and I took Miss 6 to Jungle Cat World Park just outside the small town of Orono, which is just 45 minutes east of Toronto and about an hour and forty min drive from us. It is the perfect place to take a summer road trip with the family. This is our third visit to the wildlife park and Miss 6 enjoyed her visit immensely. The variety of animals certainly captured her attention.

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

One of the nice things about Jungle Cat World, as opposed to the Toronto Zoo, is that you’re able to get much closer to the animals.

It is not uncommon to see llamas, goats, a donkey, ducks,  and a peacock roaming the ground freely. I recall our one visit a few years ago, there was a large turkey roaming the grounds who just happen to try to snatch my cell phone out of my purse. You can feed the goats and llamas corn bought at the entrance for $2 a bag.

Feeding Tours

The larger animals of course are fed by staff and they have feeding tours everyday at 1:30. We did not take part in the feeding tour this visit, but we have in the pass and the guides are always very knowledgeable about the animals and provided a lot of personal information about each animal.

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

We spent about two hours  exploring the wildlife park.  For a small zoo there are a lot of animals to see and enjoy. The wildlife park has numerous multiple fencing areas to prevent any animals from escaping or threatening the public.

Behind the Scenes

Jungle Cat World hosts behind the scenes tours as well as general admission visits and maybe we’ll do that next time around. The behind the scene tours are $90.00 per person. You get to meet three animals under the safe guidance of one of the Zoo’s professional animal care staff. Fees include all-day admission into the park as well as the daily Guided Feeding Tour at 1:30 p.m. If you make the trip to Jungle Cat World, do not miss the feeding tour!

The park is open year round and throughout the summer and you can often find discount coupons on places like Groupon.


Jungle Cat World Park also includes bed and breakfast accommodation, a tiny cafeteria, a small park, and a souvenir shop. For as little as $200 per night,  you can stay in an enormous suite and roam the grounds at your leisure. Rates include a complimentary bottle of wine, breakfast (self-serving) and wireless high-speed Internet access.

Final thoughts

Jungle Cat World comes to life

After  our visit we had time for a quick lunch, unfortunately the restaurant on site was closed  due to a power outage, but we were able to dine at Popeye’s which was basically the road. We were also able to pick up a cold treat from the restaurant and a little souvenir to bring home from our trip.

In closing, I will be bringing Miss 6 back for sure! The next time we may do the behind the scenes tour. For  $90 per adult, and $45 for youth, you get to spend 45 minutes with three animals and interact with them. (Some age restrictions do apply with certain animals.)

Jungle Cat World is located at 3667 Concession Road 6 in Orono. Admission is $20 per adult, teens and seniors are $15 and the cost per child is $10. Children under 3 are free.

For more information visit www.junglecatworld.com.